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UK Sealant Contractors “Apply with Pride”. Our team of applicators have experience in many types of Mastic Sealant applications and understand the importance of communication, co-operation and timely completion.

“UK Sealant Contractors have completed a number of projects for us and are our first choice for sealant works. Although some of our projects have been testing to say the least they have always endeavored to complete on time with high standards of workmanship”.
(Client testimonial)

  • External Application – Windows, Doors, Expansion Joints, GRC & Composite Panels.
  • Saw Cuts – Crack Control Joints in Concrete Slabs.
  • Anti-pick – Secure Units, Prisons, Hospitals.
  • Remedial – Removal and Replacement of Degraded Sealant.
  • Hotels – Degraded Sealant Cut Out and New Sealant Installed.
  • Colour Matching – A Comprehension Range of Colours & Products to Suit all Projects.
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