Passive Fire Protection

Passive fire stopping is an essential aspect of fire safety that is often overlooked in construction projects. It involves the use of fire-resistant materials and construction methods to compartmentalize a building and prevent the spread of fire and smoke. This is achieved through the use of fire-resistant walls, floors, ceilings, and doors that are designed to resist the passage of fire and smoke.

The importance of passive fire stopping cannot be overstated. In a fire emergency, it can mean the difference between life and death. Without effective fire stopping, a fire can quickly spread throughout a building, putting the lives of occupants at risk and causing significant damage to the structure itself.

To understand just how critical it is to have passive fire stopping in place, consider the following scenarios. Imagine a fire starting in a room on the first floor of a building. Without effective fire stopping, the flames could quickly spread to other areas of the building, making it difficult for occupants to escape. Alternatively, imagine a fire starting in an adjacent building. Without adequate fire stopping, the flames could easily spread to neighbouring structures, causing even more damage and posing a greater risk to people living or working nearby.

To ensure compliance with fire safety regulations and protect their staff and buildings, businesses need to utilize the services of companies such as UK Sealant Contractors. We have the expert knowledge and experience necessary to provide effective fire protection solutions for a wide range of premises. Using the latest materials and techniques, we can install fire-resistant walls, floors, ceilings, and doors to prevent the spread of fire and smoke and ensure the safety of occupants in the event of a fire emergency.

Reporting & Certification

Our onsite technicians use our cloud-based “One Trace” system to record their work. This app improves the accuracy of location and reporting for installations on site. It also provides clients with live updates on the project’s progress. We can electronically mark-up drawings with material specifications and before-and-after photographs, which are included in the handover documentation. The app is specifically designed to manage and document all fire, acoustic, and air seals within a building.

“The Purpose of Passive Fire Protection is to contain or slow the spread of fire and smoke allowing sufficient time for evacuation and emergency response”

Fire Safety Legislation now requires that building owners take full
responsibility for all aspects of fire safety within their premises. They are required as part of their risk assessment process to ensure that the fire rating elements of the building
structure meet current legislation. Once a fire has started it is of paramount importance to stop the fire from spreading to other parts of the building. A fire can spread in many ways, but the correct installation of fire stopping materials can prevent this.

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