Beam and Steel Encasement.

As fire stopping experts, beam and steel encasement systems are a reliable solution for improving fire stopping and safety measures.

These systems provide fire protection ranging from 30 to 240 minutes, making them ideal for various applications. For example, Framed and frameless boarding systems, are suitable for encasing steel beams and columns, elevator shafts, and service penetrations.

The structural integrity of these systems provides an additional advantage, allowing them to maintain their shape and support the building during a fire. The application process is relatively simple, and they can comply with local regulations and building codes.

In an emergency, these systems can help prevent the spread of fire and provide crucial time for evacuation.

Overall, incorporating beam and steel encasement systems into a building’s design can significantly enhance fire safety measures.

“The Purpose of Passive Fire Protection is to contain or slow the spread of fire and smoke allowing sufficient time for evacuation and emergency response”

Fire Safety Legislation now requires that building owners take full
responsibility for all aspects of fire safety within their premises. They are required as part of their risk assessment process to ensure that the fire rating elements of the building
structure meet current legislation. Once a fire has started it is of paramount importance to stop the fire from spreading to other parts of the building. A fire can spread in many ways, but the correct installation of fire stopping materials can prevent this.

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