Fire & Smoke Stop Blocks

Fire and Smoke Stop Blocks are a popular solution for enhancing fire safety in multistorey buildings. These blocks are designed to be inserted into the ends of decking profiles to form a fire-resistant barrier that can help prevent the spread of fire and smoke. One of the most significant advantages of Fire and Smoke Stop Blocks is that they can be pre-cut to fit the profile of most common types of decks. This means that they can be produced and delivered to the site quickly, and installation is relatively convenient, saving valuable time and money.

And if the deck profile is unique or different from the typical profiles available, the blocks can also be custom-cut on-site to fit any profile. This flexibility in the customization of the Fire and Smoke Stop Blocks provides building occupants with a high level of safety and ensures that the building complies with the relevant safety regulations and building codes.

While enhancing the safety aspects of a building, Fire and Smoke Stop Blocks perform a dual function in sealing joints and gaps in the decking profile to prevent water ingress. The blocks are made from mineral wool, which is a non-flammable material that can withstand high temperatures, making them ideal for fire safety applications. Incorporating Fire and Smoke Stop Blocks into a building’s design not only enhances its safety but also provides peace of mind for building managers and occupants.

“The Purpose of Passive Fire Protection is to contain or slow the spread of fire and smoke allowing sufficient time for evacuation and emergency response”

Fire Safety Legislation now requires that building owners take full
responsibility for all aspects of fire safety within their premises. They are required as part of their risk assessment process to ensure that the fire rating elements of the building
structure meet current legislation. Once a fire has started it is of paramount importance to stop the fire from spreading to other parts of the building. A fire can spread in many ways, but the correct installation of fire stopping materials can prevent this.

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