Soffit Protection

Soffit protection refers to the installation of a fire- and heat-resistant barrier that prevents flames from spreading from one building section to another, usually in covered or unventilated areas. The soffit is the underside of the building overhang or roof structure, making it an essential element in fire stopping.

Soffit protection is essential in preventing the spread of fire through the roof and preventing the toxic smoke and heat from damaging the building and causing harm to people inside. This type of protection is particularly crucial in refurbishment projects, where the existing structure falls short of the latest safety requirements.

The main benefits of using soffit protection in fire stopping include the effective prevention of fire spread, reduced maintenance costs due to the extended lifespan of the protective material, enhanced thermal insulation, and prevention of the transfer of heat and smoke into the building’s habitable areas.

During refurbishment, soffit protection can significantly improve the existing performance of a building, allowing it to meet updated regulations and safety guidelines. There are many options for the installation of soffit protection, including fire-resistant products.

Soffit protection is commonly used in car park soffits. There are different materials used to provide the best protection, such as mineral wool, intumescent paint, and fire-resistant boards or cladding. These materials are available in different thicknesses and densities, allowing customization as per the requirements.

“The Purpose of Passive Fire Protection is to contain or slow the spread of fire and smoke allowing sufficient time for evacuation and emergency response”

Fire Safety Legislation now requires that building owners take full
responsibility for all aspects of fire safety within their premises. They are required as part of their risk assessment process to ensure that the fire rating elements of the building
structure meet current legislation. Once a fire has started it is of paramount importance to stop the fire from spreading to other parts of the building. A fire can spread in many ways, but the correct installation of fire stopping materials can prevent this.

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