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Specialists In Mastic Application for Construction

At UK Sealant Contractors, we ensure that your new construction project sealant requirements are ready and completed on time. We work closely with your project team to ensure continued updates and to meet any time-related milestones.

We will examine the building being constructed to determine what the most suitable sealant is for your building. We ensure all surfaces are clean and dust-free, all loose or flaking surface coatings, and old sealant and mastic joints, are removed before application.

Sealants are one of the most important factors to consider during this time as well as being an integral part of the structure building.

Therefore, our extensive knowledge of mastic applications for construction means that we will be able to save you a great deal of expense and delay at a later stage. We pride ourselves on the ability to always meet the deadlines set by our customers, whilst ensuring the quality of our work is never compromised.

Why choose UK Sealant Contractors for your Mastic Needs

We are a family run business with many years experience. Our specialist team cover all aspects of mastic sealant application both internal and external. We offer a nationwide mastic man service and are the first choice for many UK construction and fit-out companies.

We provide bespoke Mastic Man services tailored to meet the needs of our clients, ranging from Commercial, Residential, Retail and Healthcare, to Concrete Slab Jointing and Remedial works.

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